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Time & Consultancy

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

During rendering our services locally and overseas, common observation was noticed - time consumption and service delivery within the given time is not generally met.

Consultancy services are basically divided into several categories when it comes to invoicing and financial compensation for exercised services. Firstly, most common are time bounded (mostly site supervision), where pace of the project is generally set by the contractor. Given environment usually sets out conditions, where supervising consultants are reluctant to boost performance of the contractor, which performance is usually even delayed by late responses by the consultant and the client, whereas extensions of time result in automatic variation issued to the consultant, which is assured to render the consultancy serviced for the prolonged time.

Secondly, performance based payment is generally used for the Design Consultancy services, where payments are committed against milestones achievement and deliverables submission and approval. Performance and work flow is mainly depending on definition of scope given in terms of reference, preliminary assessments, information acquisition, preliminary studies and client expectations. Well funded inception (sufficient information acquired, objectives and criterion well defined, working planned and organized thoroughly etc.) is usually the precondition for smooth work flow, however mostly a.m. activities are not fully attended initially, hence during the project development some delays might occur. Furthermore, thorough coordination with the client is required to understand expectations and objectives, which might diverse from the ones set out in the terms of reference. Mostly final product is not fully compliant with terms of reference anyhow, since during the comprehensive study of the project (during preparation of terms of reference investigation and study level is usually lower, moreover, time gap between actual design consultancy and preparation of consultancy tender can cause substantial change in design parameters) changed conditions resulting mostly in optimum concept and final solution adjustments and variations.

Our mission is mostly focused on proper inception, laying strong ground for further project development, which is the key element in successful completion of the task given (no structure will withstand the stress with no solid ground). We are convinced, no time is wasted when preparatory work is being committed, good organization initially, well planned and synchronized activities, coordination and communication involving the whole team is essential, since there are no bad ideas. High motivation of the team, not only deriving from financial gain, but foremost from the feeling of value and participation can lead to forming of optimized solutions, delivered to the clients in timely manner not jeopardizing the quality. Value of work is measured at the end in time of delivery, suitability and quality of delivered product.

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